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The Location Fee grants exclusive use of the house for the duration of the event.

Day Event (between the hours of 9am - 6pm): from £6,000 (+VAT)

Evening Event (7pm - midnight): from £6,000 (+VAT) *

Wedding Receptions (up to a maximum of 8 hours): from £8,000 (+VAT)*

To extend beyond midnight up until 2am: from £1,000 (+VAT)*

Private Chapel (available for Blessings only): from £2,000 (+VAT)

* Music must stop playing 30 minutes before the end of the contracted time.

Dinner dances, private parties and wedding receptions, where numbers exceed 120 people, will necessitate the construction of a marquee for dining and dancing.
The marquee encompasses the whole of the front portico, creating a spectacular access into the marquee via the double staircase, which itself makes a stunning backdrop.

Location Fee: The Location Fee for Wrotham Park will vary depending upon the size of the marquee, the number of days required for construction, setting up, dismantling and the period of the event itself. Dependent upon the above you should budget between £25,000 - £60,000 (+VAT) for the Location Fee.

Marquee Hire: Each enquiry for a Marquee Event requires an individual quote, as every marquee is a bespoke design. The price for a marquee can vary enormously and again is dependent upon size and internal fit-out etc. The minimum fee, in our experience, would be £35,000(+VAT).  All clients are required to use one of Wrotham Parks preferred marquee suppliers.

The Location Fee grants exclusive use of the grounds for the duration of the event. With 250 acres of parkland surrounding the house, there are various areas available depending on the requirements of the event. For off road and motorised events, a flat 22 acre area is available.

Events up to 500 people: from £5,000 (+VAT) *

For events from 500-1000 people: from £7,000 (+VAT) *

Events exceeding 1000 people: price on application *

* Rates quoted include one day set up, the event day (maximum of 8 hours - no later than 11pm) and a half day afterwards to dismantle.

Wrotham Park Entrance
Wrotham Park and surrounds
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